I wish to be an Air Hostess

I wish to be an Air Hostess

Mahnoor is an ambitious young teenager who like every other teenager has aspirations. She wants to be an air hostess. Air hostesses are pretty, friendly, and lively women. Being an air hostess is a fun and exciting job where a person gets to travel across the globe.

So, Make-A-Wish Foundation joined hands with Fly Jinnah, a new airline, to make her dream come true. She along with some other wish kids, who wished to travel on an airplane, were invited by Fly Jinnah on 17th February 2023.

When she along with other wish children boarded the flight, Fly Jinnah air hostess warmly welcomed them and revealed that she was the youngest air hostess of the airline. She was dressed in official Airhostess attire. In the flight an announcement was made telling the passengers on board that there will be a special air hostess today from Make -A- Wish Foundation and that she will be serving you all as per her wish to be an air hostess. Mahnoor performed the job of an air hostess starting off by greeting people on the aero plane with a big grin, then along with other air hostesses telling people safety measures, then during the flight, serving people, and lastly saying goodbye to the people.

Mahnoor Khalil was ecstatic and pleased, and the small child’s happiness and excitement were obvious as she pushed the serving trolley in the direction of the passengers, her friends, flight crew, and captain. She greeted the passengers with a warm smile and asked them for their preference for food and drinks. Then she presented them with their personalized tray of food. She received appreciation and praises from everyone on the flight and towards the end of the day she and the other wish children were given little souvenirs as a token of love from the airline’s team.

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