Wish to meet Bollywood star, Salman khan

Wish to meet Bollywood star, Salman khan

M. Anas, M. Sheroz
And Hubaiba
14, 11, & 13 years (Thalassemia Major)

Superstar Salman Khan needs no introduction – a trendsetter, an actor with a unique style and spectacular fan following. Like numerous other fans, critically ill 14-year-old Muhammad Anas, 11-year-old Muhammad Shehroz and 13-year-old Hubaiba are also die-hard fans of Salman Khan, who truly wished to meet their idol.

It seemed like a far-fetched dream as meeting the busiest star of Bollywood was no easy feat. A lot of documentations and legal formalities were also required to travel India from Pakistan. However, with the sincere efforts of Make-A-Wish Pakistan, a meeting between the wish kids and their idol in Mumbai was successfully planned. For the wish-granting, the children dressed up in Salman’s getup from his blockbuster movies. Salman Khan was warm and effusive, and hugged the wish-stars. Initially, the children were star-struck and shy, but quickly became friendly with him when invited them to watch the shooting of his movie.

Saying goodbye was as difficult as one might picture, but the memories are there to be cherished forever.

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