Wish to go for Shopping & to have Makeover

Wish to go for Shopping & to have Makeover

Shazia Abdullah, just 13 years of age, has spent her life battling with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. One can imagine how challenging it must have been living with a blood disorder. So, to spread joy in her life and fill it with a little color, Make A Wish Foundation wanted to help fulfill her most cherished wish. On contacting Shazia, our team learned that she has always wished to go on a shopping spree and for a makeover. She was more than excited to see her treasured dream was soon to be turned into reality.

Shazia’s day out began with meeting  team of Make a Wish.. Our team had planned a trip to a Mall and  a prestigious Salon but had kept that a secret from her- a little surprise twist. Shazia was accompanied by our volunteers to one of Karachi’s best mall LuckyOne Mall. On her instructions, we started with the shoe shops, she wanted to buy all kinds- flats, heels, and sneakers. We visited several shops. Shazia would choose the items she liked and we would call up for her size. After making a few difficult decisions, she settled on a pair glittery shoes,and bought many accessories Our next stop was- clothes. Shazia being more interested in Eastern wear, visited Dhanak’ outlet. She would pull out the designs she liked and call up her sizes. She would then parade around in the clothes, laughing and loving all the attention on her. Then Shazia was taken to a Nadia Hussain’s Salon.

Reaching the Salon, Shazia was ecstatic, she confessed she was wishing for a makeover but had no idea about the surprise. It included a haircut and blow-dry, light makeup, and a manicure. Shazia was loving the idea of feeling new and fresh. She selected a hairstyle for herself and sat in the chair, ready to be transformed. Next, she moved on to getting her makeup done while having a manicure for which she chose pink, her favorite color, nail paint. The constant smile etched on her lips could tell you just how happy she was to be living that day. In the end, she was given a final reveal of her hair and makeup and she squealed with joy, saying she could not believe it was her.

After reaching a mutual decision to take a break, we headed to the mall’s Food Court. There she perused decided to go for Mcdonalds, After a lot of contemplation, she settled with a burger and some fries, with ice-cream for dessert. We then took her to Onederland for rides and games. After her hands were full of shopping bags, Shazia was ready to head home and show all her shopping to her family members.

On the way back, she was profusely thanking our team for helping her fulfill her wishes. She said she now felt content after her most cherished wish was fulfilled. Shazia told us that this was the first time in her life she had forgotten all about her illness and felt like a normal child. That day, she confessed, we made her beautiful and lucky, and on hearing this Make a Wish’s team could not have been happier to have completed their mission.

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