Abdul Hadi: I Wish to have a rechargeable car

Abdul Hadi: I Wish to have a rechargeable car

Hodgkin’s Disease

At Make A Wish Foundation, we specialize in bringing smiles to the faces of children, and young Abdul Hadi from Karachi’s Indus Hospital was no exception. Fighting a tough battle with Hodgkin’s, his one wish was as heartwarming as it was simple: a rechargeable toy car.

Despite the trials of his illness, Abdul Hadi carried a profound love for cars, dreaming of the rush of speed, and the thrill of the race. His longing was a beacon, guiding our mission to fulfill his dream.

Days turned into anticipation, and then it arrived – a box, modest yet promising. Handing it over was a moment we cherished, feeling his excitement echo in our hearts. Inside was his dream, incarnated into a ruby-red toy car with white racing stripes.

The moment he saw it, his eyes filled with tears of joy. Turning it on, his laughter filled the hospital corridors, a sound more beautiful than any grand celebration. His joy was infectious, his happiness, our reward.

For Abdul Hadi, the car was more than a toy; it was a symbol of joy and resilience, a constant companion in his journey, igniting hope in the darkest of hours. And for us, it was another wish fulfilled, another testament to the power of dreams, a reminder that happiness often lies in the simplest of desires.

Abdul Hadi’s wish was a profound reminder of the work we do – lighting up the world, one child, one wish at a time.

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