Tasleem’s: I Wish to get a Sindhi Green Parrot

Tasleem’s: I Wish to get a Sindhi Green Parrot

Tasleem 8 years, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

In the heart of this vibrant and full-of-culture state, Sindh, a brave young girl named Tasleem stood tall, facing the tough battle against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. But amidst the challenges, her spirit remained unyielding, and her love for birds soared high.

8-year-old Tasleem’s one heartfelt wish was to have a Sindhi Green Parrot as her faithful companion. And when Make-A-Wish Foundation Pakistan caught wind of her dream, they knew they had to make it happen. So, with the magical touch of Make-A-Wish Pakistan, Tasleem’s extraordinary journey began. Accompanied by her family and the incredible volunteers, she embarked on an adventure to Empress Market – a place renowned for its kaleidoscope of colors and enchanting birds.

As Tasleem stepped into the market, her eyes widened with awe. The air was filled with the sweet melodies of chirping birds, and the vibrant feathers danced in the sunlight. It was a paradise for any bird lover, and Tasleem’s heart raced with excitement. With the guiding hands of Make-A-Wish Pakistan, Tasleem approached the parrot. And to everyone’s amazement, the parrot also found a companion in Tasleem. After Tasleem chose her feathered friend, the Make-A-Wish team guided her to select a beautiful cage to provide a comfortable home for the parrot. As a final touch to honor Tasleem’s wish, Make-A-Wish Pakistan presented the parrot with its cage to Tasleem at the special gift-giving ceremony organized.
With meticulous planning, Make-A-Wish Pakistan ensured the safe transport of the parrot to Tasleem’s home. They wanted to create a cozy and loving environment where her newfound friend could thrive.
And finally, the day arrived when Tasleem and her family welcomed their feathered companion.
She and her new friend have quickly formed an unbreakable bond. Their days shall now be filled with endless conversations, soulful singing, and secrets shared between the two unlikely friends.

Make-A-Wish Pakistan’s dedication to granting wishes went far beyond just fulfilling Tasleem’s dream. Her story, filled with courage and resilience, will become a beacon of hope for others facing similar battles.


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