I wish to meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

I wish to meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

LEADERSHIP IS A SERIES OF BEHAVIOUR NOT A ROLE: WaseemAsghar: I wish to meet Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Shareef Every child has different interests, hopes and dreams based on their inner personalities. Somebody is interested in the politics while somebody likes art. Hence, every child is different. WaseemAsghar is a 14 years old boy who is suffering from Thalassemia Major, an intelligent and brilliant child unlike other children of his own age, he takes immense interest in politics. He finds politics intriguing and always wanted to understand how things work in the political world, for this purpose his wish wasto meet the Prime Minister of Pakistan MianNawaz Shareef. Make-A-Wish took the responsibility of making his dream come true. It was Make-A-Wish Foundation’s efforts that we finally reached the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef through different sources. When Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef was told about Waseem, he immediately arranged a meeting with him, true leaders treat their people like royalty, if a leader honors and seves his people his people honor and serve in return. When Waseem was told that he was invited to the Prime Minister House Islamabad for a meeting with Prime Minister, he couldn’t believe it. He said it felt like the purpose of his life was achieved, and finally he could do what he waited for so long. He was so happy and excited that he would be going to Islamabad to meet Prime Minister from Karachi. On that day, WaseemAsgharwore new white shalwarkameez with black waist coat and took Quran Shareef and money as gifts for Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Shareef. His face was shining with joy and gratitude. He couldn’t wait to meet the Prime Minister, he was so happy to see him in person. He spoke to him at length and asked him all the things he wanted to know. He presented PM Nawaz Shareef with the gifts he brought with him which the Prime Minister graciously accepted when the meeting ended. Waseem thanked the Prime Minister and Make- A-Wish Foundation Pakistan for making his lifelong dream come true. On July 9th 2014 he was granted his wish of meeting his leader, what a beautiful gesture of the leader who followed the wish of his people as people belong to their leaders. Waseemsaid that the experience was like having the dream come true and it was the most cherished moment of his life, one that would stay with him forever, thank you Make-A-Wish Pakistan.


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  • Marium Saeed

    I live in London n want to meet MNS can u plz guide me in this regard? How can I get an appointment? Thanks

    June 4, 2022 at 5:59 pm
  • Sadia

    Hi, i am very interested yo meet nawaz sharif pm of pakistan , how can i arrange appointment with him. Anyone any idea ? Would appreciate

    June 16, 2022 at 12:21 pm

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